Data Analysis

Data Analysis, Inference and Decision Making

Stare and Spot

Immense amount of data have been generated and this trend will continue do so with greater momentum. Digital cameras, tweets, news, blogs, customer reviews, etc are growing in a tremendous speed. Digital technologies and infrastructures have enabled us not only to access information easier and faster but also to improve the quality of each moment of life. 

Data Analysis group at London Innovation Society aims to provide help organizations in business world, health care, education, and communication with data analysis and interpretation. Innovative approach is particularly necessary for efficient and fast solutions for data based problems in those fields. 

Our data-driven projects involves

  • Data Visualization and Exploration
  • Machine Learning Techniques
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Data Handling and Infrastructure 


Planning Meeting on Big Data Activities

6 Sep 2015

Planning Meeting on Big Data Activities

Innovation Awards on Big Data Analysis

16 Jun 2015

Poster competition to take place during Data for Policy 2015 Conference