Public Engagement

Activities that aspire to inspire thorough science

Who are we?

‘Inspiring Science’ is one of the platforms of London Innovation Society. It aims to get children and young people to love science and motivate them to study science & engineering subjects in their education life. We do this by carrying out inspirational public engagement activities which are run by volunteering doctoral and post- doctoral researchers from leading universities in the UK, such as Cambridge, Oxford, University College London and Imperial College London. Through our ‘Inspiring Science’ scheme, students gain enthusiasm and aspiration which encourages them to build interest in a variety of scientific disciplines, including but not limited to:

  • Nanotechnology
  • Bio-inspired technology
  • Genetics
  • Astronomy
  • Robotics

Our vision

Why we are different to other non-profit organizations with similar aims?

There are other organizations in the UK which work on communicating the results of scientific research to the public. However, our vision stretches beyond the UK. We take our inspiration from London, the world’s most diverse city. We hope to inspire pupils in the developing world and illuminate their paths with science and knowledge. As such, we are working on arranging trips to countries, such as those in Africa, some parts of Asia, and Eastern Europe. The first one will be Senegal, in October 2015. Our PhD and post- doctorate researchers will visit schools and carry out public engagement activities to inspire pupils in the same style as in the UK.

Public engagement

Public engagement is the interaction of specialists with non-specialists. It can be described an aspiration to improve the connection between universities and society. In this way, we can share the activity and benefits of higher education and research with the public in order to promote more young people to pursue science-related degrees at university and beyond. 




Inspiring Science at Sydenham School

29 Jul 2015

Enrichment day where a group of PhD and post- doc students from LIS presented to a range of different classes at Sydenham School.

Inspiring Science at Alexandra Park School

11 May 2015

Origami and Bio-Inspired Technologies Workshop

Inspiring Science at North London Grammar School

25 Feb 2015

Recurring public engagement events starting on 26th February 2015

Nanotechnology Workshop at Maidstone Grammar School for Girls

9 Feb 2015

Inspiring students at Maidstone Grammar School for Girls